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IPI Journal December-January 2023



  • Volume: 6
  • Issue: 6
  • Pages: 34


  • Interview for IPI Journal – Shri Bhagvanbhai Patel
  • Journey through the progress graph of Reverse Osmosis Membrane

     Paramita Ray

  • Post-Consumer PET Resource – A Journey from Dump yard to Food Grade Resin

     Nitin Agarwal

  • Understanding the‘ Waste to Wealth’ Chain in Plastic Waste

     Ar. Sreya Vaidyan, Alumni of CEPT University

  • Plastic Trying To Be Holy The Holy Grail 2.0

     Sameer Joshi, Ph.D.

  • Non-Matching Mesh Simulation Now Supports RTM Process

     Fred Yang

  • Shri Arvind Athalye : A Doyan of Plastic Industry

     J. R. Shah & Dr. Prakash Trivedi

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