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About Us

Connecting People

Indian Plastics Institute is a technical professional Body registered in April 1985 under the Societies Registration Act 1860 and subsequently under the Public Trust Act 1950. IPI was formally inaugurated on 6th May 1985 after taking over the Plastic and Rubber Institute, London (PRI) Indian Section (Plastics) as of 30th April 1985, which was established in June 1963 as an Overseas Section of Plastic Institute, London.

Today, IPI is a strong Professional Body of Industrialists, Plastic Technologists, Academicians, Economists and Students, spread over 14 Chapters across India and 2 Overseas Association partnerships with Sri Lanka & Nepal. We are engaged in Education, Training, Manpower Development, and Dissemination of Knowledge on the latest technological developments in the worldwide Plastics Industry. The contribution of IPI within the context of the Indian Plastics Industry is quite unique. Organizing Technical programmes throughout the Country, including Conferences, Seminars, Lectures, and Workshops, in addition to its Educational Programme and Activities is no meager achievement. IPI plays a vital and complementary role to universities and other educational institutes in drafting course curricula, providing “Visiting Faculty” facilities through its members, and arranging industrial training for students. In keeping with this IPI is represented on the Governing Council of Central Institute of Plastics Engineering & Technology (CIPET). IPI also represented the Bureau of Indian Standards(BIS) for the promotion of standardization testing and quality control procedures.

Diploma of Indian Plastics Institute

As a part of its education, training and manpower development programmes, I P I has evolved an Education Course leading to Diploma of Indian Plastics Institute (DIPI). A one-year part time course, instituted to upgrade and improve the technical knowledge of supervisory and managerial personnel working in the plastics industry and young students, who are willing to make promising career in plastics. IPI educational programmes have already earned reputation and recognition in professionals and industry circles.The course is well appreciated by students and the industry and every year enrolment from students is encouraging. We are planning to introduce online e-Learning course shortly. Spade work for converting DIPI Course into online Interactive Course has already commenced.

Corporate Industrial Training Programmes

An On-site Industrial Training Programmes for the people in the Plastics Industry. We conduct these Short Term Industrial Training Programmes at selected Chapters which have earned recognition of industry and is much in demand.

Student Chapters and Activities with Educational Institutes

IPI Chapters create Student Chapters at Educational Institutes where Polymers and related technologies are part of curriculum to help Students gain advanced knowledge and current information about technology & applications of Plastics, to learn about contemporary Industrial practices and potential future developments in Plastics through IPI Educational Activities. This program helps to increase the interaction between students & industry by enrolling students in Educational & Professional activities of IPI. This apart, IPI Chapters regularly conduct lecture programs on Polymer and Processing Machinery related topics and industry visits for students of CIPET and other institutes upon their request. IPI also coordinates student visits to leading Plastics Fairs with financial assistance.

Endowment and Memorial Lectures

This program was instituted since 1985 with the help received from some of the enlightened and benevolent plastics industrialists who donated for creating corpus for Endowment / Memorial Lecture Programmes to update and disseminate the knowledge on innovations and technological developments among the plastics fraternity and society at large. Today we have credited with 21 Nos. of Endowment and Memorial lectures sponsored by the leading industry houses across the country. We conduct programmes on every year at different chapter locations with the interest earned from the corpus fund.

National Seminars / Technical Lectures / Workshops etc.

IPI Chapters all over India conducts regular technical lectures, half /full day seminars, workshops etc. on subjects of topics of interest with active involvement of local industries as sponsors.

IPI Journal

IPI publishes bi-monthly “IPI Journal” disseminating information on technological developments taking place around the world and other news on plastics, which will be of interest to I P I members. It is mailed free of cost to all our members, and leading polymer technological institutions all over India. IPI Journal is also available on our Website which is accessible to members and general public as of now.

Our Vision/Mission

Indian Plastics Institute will be a world class professional organization enabling global standards of knowledge and education in Plastics, Polymers and related Industries to create an enduring awareness of societal benefits of plastics.


  • To advance and develop for the benefit of its members and the public, the art, science, technology and engineering of plastics, natural and synthetic high polymers and other related materials.
  • To form and organize a strong professional body of those connected or concerned with plastics, natural and synthetic high polymers and other related materials.
  • To institute, supervise, advise upon and advance the standard and methods of education and training at all levels in the fields of plastics, natural and synthetic high polymers and related materials and in related technical and non-technical subjects, including finance and management thereof.
  • To project the vital contribution of plastics, natural and synthetic high polymers and related materials in various fields of national economy and the role they play in improving agricultural productivity and in cost effective protection, preservation, storage and handling of products in infrastructure development, in economizing construction costs, in providing affordable healthcare.
  • To disseminate for public awareness all relevant information about plastics, natural and synthetic high polymers and related materials so as to remove myths and misconceptions arising out of ignorance and to educate public, NGOs and policy makers and the media about the beneficial role plastics play in improving overall quality of life.
  • To project plastics, natural and synthetic high polymers and other related materials as eco friendly materials with excellent recyclability and their contribution in conserving natural resources and saving energy.
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