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Chapter Chairmen

Mr Prashant Trivedi
Mr Prashant Trivedi

Chairman Ahmedabad Chapter

Dr. P. V. Thorat
Dr. P. V. Thorat

Chairman Akola Chapter

Mr. R. Vijaykumar
Mr. R. Vijaykumar

Chairman Bangalore Chapter

Mr Sanjeev Gupta

Chairman Chandigarh Chapter

Mr. S. G. Mahadevan

Chairman Chennai Chapter

Mr Pillai Suresh S

Cochin Chapter Chairman

Mr. V. Chandrasekar

Chairman Coimbatore Chapter

Mr M V Prasad

Chairman Hyderabad Chapter

Mr. Vijay Goyal
Mr. Vijay Goyal

Chairman Indore Chapter

Mr. Harsh V. Aggrwala

Chairman Kolkata Chapter

Mr Imtiaz Lokhandwala

Chairman Pune Chapter

Mr Rahul Mehta

Chairman Vadodara Chapter

Mr Kamlesh D Patel

Chairman Vapi Chapter

Mr. Vineet Gupta

Chairman Delhi Chapter

Mr Rajesh Doshi
Mr. Rajesh Doshi

Chairman Mumbai Chapter

Dr. Roopa S.

Chairperson Mysore Chapter

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