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Market Research Analyst

CircularTech Plastics


Drive insightful market research: Lead in-depth analysis of the Pune polymer industry, aligning with CircularTech’s specific interests and goals.
Utilize your science or engineering expertise: Analyze industry trends, competitor activity, and customer needs relevant to CircularTech’s operations, focusing on your area of study (e.g., material science, polymer/plastic engineering, or a related field).
Proactively gather market intelligence: Initiate and conduct cold calls to reach CircularTech’s target audience and uncover valuable insights.
Become a data guru: Analyze and interpret market data to identify key opportunities and growth possibilities for CircularTech.
Communicate like a pro: Prepare comprehensive reports and presentations that effectively communicate your findings and recommendations to internal stakeholders.
Stay ahead of the curve: Continuously monitor industry trends and emerging polymer technologies, particularly those relevant to CircularTech’s mission and objectives.


Fresh diploma or bachelor’s degree in Science or Engineering (preferably, material science, polymer/plastic engineering, or a related field). Experience 0-2 years
Strong understanding of polymer science and its applications, with a focus on circularity and sustainability principles.
Excellent communication skills: Articulate your findings clearly, both verbally and in writing, to diverse audiences.
Sharp analytical and critical thinking: Unravel complex data and translate it into actionable insights.
Driven and motivated: Thrive in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment and demonstrate a strong work ethic.
Quality and efficiency champion: Deliver impeccable work consistently and meet established deadlines effectively.
Fluency in English and Hindi (Marathi a plus).

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