Recycled Plastics – So Much Potential

Wednesday, September 11 2019

Exciting new advances in recycling technology now allow many kinds of plastic packaging to be recycled right here in Canada. The packaging is recycled or remanufactured into valuable new products like fleece clothing, picture frames, outdoor furniture, drainage pipes, office supplies, back into packaging, and plastic lumber that is used for boardwalks, decking, and railings.   

A whole new green economy is emerging which is capable of employing thousands of Canadians coast to coast in recycling and remanufacturing. Plastic packaging should NOT have to be shipped overseas to be recycled and remanufactured.    

Plastics recycling technology is advancing rapidly. The Canadian plastics industry is committed to continuing to increase plastics recycling across the country – developing technologies and new markets for the recycled plastic.   

At the same time, industry is working with Canadian governments on opportunities to expand the recycling infrastructure so that more and more plastic packaging is recycled and remanufactured right here at home.  

What can be recycled  

Quite simply, plastics are a valuable resource - too valuable to waste  

Plastic packaging accounts for 10 percent of all household waste and approximately 80 percent of the plastic is recyclable.   

Most household plastic packaging can be recycled – yogurt, ice cream and deli containers; plastic shopping bags and plastic film; foam cups and clamshells; cushion packaging used to protect electronics and other sensitive products during shipping; plastic tubs and lids; and pop, water, detergent and food bottles.  

More plastics need to be recycled

Increasing plastic recycling will help extend the life of this valuable resource, and create green manufacturing jobs in the process.  

What plastic packaging can be recycled

Please check with your local municipality to see what types of plastic packaging can be recycled in your area.