Madhu Machines and Systems Pvt. Ltd. Endowment Lecture

Madhu Machines and Systems Pvt. Ltd. Endowment Lecture

MADHU, established in 1984, is a Specialty Solutions provider with a track record of over 3 decades in pioneering innovative production technologies in the Plastics Industry. The head office in Vadodara, manufacturing facilities at Bengaluru & customer support, and service centers across India cater to more than 500 customers across a wide spectrum of the Plastics Industry.

Madhu range of products, assist processors to upgrade the production technology resulting in the manufacture of superior quality products consistently with the highest possible efficiency, thereby making them nationally and internationally competitive.

The company is committed to the philosophy of “sourcing global proven contemporary technologies suitable in Indian context” and supplying to the Indian plastics processing industry. All the products supplied are confirming to respective international quality certifications. Madhu engineers located in strategic areas get actively involved in the selection, installation, and commissioning of products and provide effective after-sales service.

The ever-increasing market presence of the company’s products not only in India but also in countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, the Middle East, Africa & the USA is a measure of the wide market acceptance and customers’ satisfaction.

Empowering & enabling the plastic processing industry continuously with ‘Innovative Solutions’ to assist in the production of quality parts, efficiently with cost optimization, is the mission of the company and the entire team works towards achieving the same.