Polyene Endowment Lecture

Polyene Endowment Lecture


Polyene Group consisted first of a firm Polyene General Industries(PGI) established during the late 1950’s by our founder Late Shri M Parthasarathy a technocrat for the manufacture of extrusion blown film of LDPE bags, liners for packing fertilizers, chemicals ,food stuffs like tobacco etc. During the early 1960’s, Polyene set up an extrusion plant to manufacture LDPE/HDPE pipes in diameters of 12mm to 75mm which formed the basis for its introduction of Low Cost Drip Irrigation systems in South India in the late 1970’s.Poly Mould Industries (PMI) was set up with extrusion blow moulding facilities to manufacture bottles, jars in capacities ranging from 1 Litre to 20 Litres to cater to the packaging requirements of Acids, Corrosive Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals ,Food Products, Edible Oils etc. The early 1970’s saw PGI become a Private Limited Company and new designs and shapes of containers were introduced in the market with capacities upto 100 Litres. The 1980’s saw PGI introduce large blow moulded containers in the market (200-240 Litres). PGI currently has large blow moulding machines with a total installed capacity to process 2000 MT of raw material per annum. Polyene has other business interests which include manufacture and supply of floating platform arrangement for agriculture on a turnkey basis which is handled by its Renewable Energy Division, Polyene Film Industries Ltd (PFI). PFI has to its credit the achievement of successfully introducing and installing over 200 similar kind of Photovoltaic floating pump systems under the World Bank scheme in farmers open wells in the Southern States of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

We recall below some of our Achievements and Technological Milestones

1.Introduction of Blow Moulded Plastic Pots in the early 1960’s to replace the heavier Metal Pots for the transportation of water.2.Introduction of low cost drip irrigation systems in the 1970’s in South India. Polyene were the first to design and supply Food Containers, Hippo Drums to CARE organization and special bottles to UNICEF at Kampuchea.3.Introduction of Blow Moulded Food Grade HMHDPE barrels (225/240 Litres) in Sri Lanka in the early 1980’s and being one of the first manufacturers of Food Grade Open Mouth barrels from South India.4.Development and design of a Blow Moulded all plastic HMHDPE Lavatory chute to replace the expensive and corrosion prone metal chutes in Indian Railways in the early 1980’s.This has now become a standard product offering in the Railways. In the 1990’s Polyene was responsible for the introduction of Floating type pumping system powered by Solar energy. These pumps were mounted on specially designed HMHDPE Blow Moulded floats. A Plasticon Awards 2005 winner! And the latest out of our stable is the Floating Platform Arrangement for enhancing the energy efficiency of conventional surface mounted agricultural pumpsets by developing specially designed Blow Moulded products. A Plasticon Awards 2009 winner, finalist at the Development Marketplace competition of World Bank in Washington DC in 2006 and L-RAMP Award winner in 2007 conferred by IIT Madras jointly with Lemelson Foundation USA. We hold about a dozen patents and registered product designs and our quest for innovations goes on….

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