Shri V. Chinnaswamy Endowment Lecture

Shri V. Chinnaswamy Endowment Lecture

Premier Synthetics India Pvt. Ltd.

The Company was established in 1967 under the name of Premier Plastics to manufacture injection molded components which were previously made out of wood or metal for the textile industry. This was a pioneering effort since the injection molding industries in India was virtually non-existent at that stage. There was number of initial setbacks, however, the persistent efforts of the founder paid off and set the way for the development of a company (Known as Premier Synthetics (India) Pvt. Ltd. since 1980) which today enjoy the status of being one of top 
extrusion pipes and injection moulded companies in India.

Profile of top level management : Managing Director : Mr. V. Chinnaswamy

Mr. Chinnaswamy is the founder of the company. He has over 40 years of trading and manufacturing experience. He is the Ex-Chairman of the Indian Plastics Institute, Coimbatore Chapter. Being one of the first few in the country in the business of injection molding, he has very wide contract in the industrial circle which facilitates greatly the operation of the company.

Joint Managing Director : Mr. C.Anand Prasad

Mr. Anand Prasad has vast technical expertise in the area of Injection Moulding. He is also the Chairman – Education Committee of the Indian Plastics Institute, Coimbatore Chapter. He has an MS in Plastics Engineering from the University of Massachusetts @ Lowell, U.S.A. and an MS in Electrical Engineering from Clemson University, South Carolina. He was selected by Inter Corporation for their memory products division. He has worked as a consultant for Dynisco, Inc. to develop measuring systems for the injection molding process. He designed and developed an instrument for DUPONT R&D center in Brevard, NC to characterize moisture absorption rates of polyester film for which he was awarded an accomplishment award. He is in India for the past three years developing and updating the company to global standards.

Sister concern company: 
1. Premier Equipments & Agencies
2. Anand Polymers
3. Premier Plastics 
4. Premier Synthetics Irrigation Pvt. Ltd.


Registered Office : 272 Race Course, Coimbatore–641018
Branch : 101, Glendale Apartments, Bangalore – 4
Factory Unit: S,F, No.274 Villankurichi Road, Villankurichi Post, Coimbatore – 641035

Tel : 0422-2220977 / 0422-3043363  Cell: 9843012969 /  Email :