IPI Journal June-July 2016


Volume :3

Issue :2

Pages :36



13 Awareness Amongst Local Bodies for Waste Management

     ..... Mr. Prashant Trivedi, Ferromatik Milacron

14 Understanding the Capabilities of Universal Testing Machiner

      ..... Dr. R. Rangaprasad, Laboratory Testing Division, Nemshell Services, Vadodara

22 A plastic Waste to Fuel on Wheels the Wari Experience 

     ..... Mr. Sameer Joshi, Chairman, Website Committee, IPI 

           Envirnment & Plastic Image committee, Plastindia Foundation

     ..... Mr. Nilesh P. Inamdar, Director (Founder), Patpert Teknow Systems Pvt. Ltd.

24 Routsis Training Courses

30 Chapter Events

31 Updates

     ..... Mr. Jayant Kamat

     ..... Mr. Prasad Balan Iyer