IPI Journal February-March 2017


Volume :3

Issue :5

Pages :40



16   Plastgics in Doasaster management & Managing Environmental / Social Disruption

       Mr. Prashant Trivedi, GM, Ferromatik Milacron India Pvt. Ltd.

17   Time for Action Plastics & Environment

       Dr. Sameer Joshi, Environment & Plastic Image Committee, Plastindia Foundation

18   Pulpress - A Technology for Composite Materials

       Prof. Prasad Balan Iyer, Asst. Professor & ISO QMS Copordinator, Department of Printing &        Packaging Technology, SIES Navi Mumbai 

20   The Interaction of Design, Material Selection and Processing in the Failure of A Gear

       Mr. M. Michael Sepe, Analyst and Author, Materials & Processing Consultant Sedona, AZ

23   Energy, Conservation Opportunities in Plastics Processing Industries

       Mr. Sanat Shah, Plastics Project & Recycling Consultant, Vadodara, Gujarat

25   Innovbations in Packaging Technology

       Mr. Anshal Jika, Mr. Umang Shah, Mr. Devendra Maurya and Dr. S. T. Mhaske, Department        of Polymer and Surface Enineering, Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Mumbai

30   Decentralized Energy Generation for Plastic Industry

       Mr. Abhishek V. Joshi, M.Sc. (Energy and Environmental Engineering), Germany

32   Updates