IPI Journal August-September 2020


Volume :7

Issue :3

Pages :



11     Leader’s Speak - Sanjay Kapote

12     Evolutions in Multilayer Films Solution to Packaging Challenges - Dr. E. Sundaresan

15     Circular Economy 2.0 in the new old normal Nothing is Wasted!  - Sameer Joshi

17     Rational Use of Personal Protective Equipment: An Environmental Perspective

  • Sharang S. Ambadkar, Dr. Mayur R. Moreker, Dr. Shilpa R. Moreker

19     Plastic Waste Reduction – Design Approach - Sunil C Panchbhai

22     Why Is A Clean Room Important For Medical Plastics Manufacturing? - D. L. Pandya

24     PE & PVC Pipes: Better Way for Sustainable Development and Conservation of Non- 

          Renewable Water - Dr. Madhusudan D. Chaudhari