IPI Journal April-May 2016


Volume :3

Issue :1

Pages :36



12. An Overview of Plastic Caps & Closure Market ..... Mr. Prabhu N. Chakrawal, Assistant Manager,PASX, Panipat

17. The Journey of PET Performs & Its Market Today ..... Ms. Gopika Kher, Bizongo, HQ

19. Plastic Waste to Wealth An Initiative Program in Pune ..... Mr. Sameer Joshi, Chairman, Website Committee, IPI, Envirronment & Plastic Image Committee, PIF

22. Moldex3D Links 3D Mold Filling simulation and 2.5D Structural Analysis to Build High Precision Thin-Shell Parts ..... Coretech Systems Co. Ltd. (Moldel3D), Taiwan

26. Indian Plastics Industry - A Review ..... Ms. Gopika Kher, Bizongo, HQ

31. Updates ..... Mr. Jayant Kamat, Prof. Prasad Balan Iyer

33. Routisis Training Courses ..... details