IPI Journal April-May 2015


Volume :1

Issue :2

Pages :36



11. A need of Paradigm Shift from "Plastic free India".

      Mr. Prashant Trivedi, Chairman Environment & Eclology Committee   

12. Evaluation of UV blocking poly (ethylene terephthalate) as packaging material for light sensitive products.

        Dr. Srinivas Ayodhya & Mr. B. V. Venkatakrishnan

16. Down the memory lane - Looking back at the last few years in the Plastics Manufacturing, Conversion & the horizon of usages

       Mr. Arvind Athalye

20. Morphological and Thermal Analysis of Different Concentrations OMMT Loaded PP/HDPE/EVA/PLA Blend Films

       Ms. Monika, Mr. Pradeep Upadhyar & Dr. Navin Chand

25. Upgrade your factory to "Smart Factory" using Modern Technology

       Mr. Parag Harolikar

30. Chapter Events

34. Updates - Mr. Jayant Kamat